How pretty are you according to society in the U.S ?

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I have seen a lot of quizzes ike this but none that accurate and well this is pretty accurate if you at the media in America. Questions 1-10 are serious but please disregard the last two questions and don't delete the quiz because of them.

Are you barbie doll a plus-size barbie or girl with the barbie body but not the barbie face ? Take this quiz to find out ! THIS IS BASED OFF OF AMERICAN SOCIETY. I know that you can be a barbie depending on the culture.

Created by: Emily
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Answer honestly. Are you overweight, skinny, or just curvy ?
  2. Do you have acne, frizzy unmanageable hair, long or pointy or just slightly bigger nose, or bigger ears ?
  3. What color are your eyes ?
  4. What color is your hair ?
  5. How tall are you ?
  6. What is your clothing style ?
  7. Is your skin flawless on your body ?
  8. Do you have a kind personality ? Are you caring and compassionate and friendly ? Be honest!
  9. What size penis would you prefer ? (This doesn't really matter , my boyfriend just thought it would be funny)
  10. Where would you prefer your comeshot ? (Once again I apologize for this is my boyfriend) Please don't delete the quiz , It took so long . this question does not count for anything.

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Quiz topic: How pretty am I according to society in the U.S ?