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  • You have an above average body that people probably give you compliments for but an average or unfortunately below average face according to the media and American society. You are slender and tan but you may have a sightly bigger nose than seen on models or slightly bigger ears, or frizzy hair that is unmanagable, or acne and not flawless skin. You may not be barbie pretty but you probably have a great personality and for bonus an excellent body ! You still get a fair mount f boyfriends so don't be upset . (I would know because I'm in this category)

    Erm, first of all, my skin is not tanned, second, I have normal sized ears, straight hair and clear skin, thirdly I don't have the ideal American body, I have a pear shaped figure. Lastly, I have no boyfriends, I'm single and lonely :' D

  • Your Result: You're an ideal American Barbie !

    You look like a model that is blonde, skinny, blue or green eyed, and probably have had a lot of boyfriends from every race but mostly white ones. Your face and body are both way above average.

    I haven't had a lot of boyfriends XD. Just two. Well, technically one because my first one didn't last for a day because my friend lied to me and told me that he dumps his girlfriends after two weeks, and I didn't want that, so I broke up wih him. And then she asked him out, but he said no. (We are no longer friends....)

  • I had some trouble with the questions your boyfriend put in cuase im a lesbian...

  • Beautiful but not a Barbie...and yet I've never had a boyfriend.

    elle bee
  • I am not plus sized!!!

  • I'm an American Barbie. AWW THANKS. My bf was sitting next to me and he laughed at ur bfs ?s btdubs

  • i'm bful but not a barbie.. and you've got a weird bf :P


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