How old are you really?

There are many people in this world that act younger or older than their real age?dont you want to act your age.if you do then take this is fun.

are you ages 0 through 10.11-20,or 21 or older?heer you can find out.

Created by: HaHappyHaley11

  1. How old are you,really?whether you are 3,7,10,or 20 and dont like being in categories with kids younger than you,please put the truth.i am trying to help you act your age.these r in years.
  2. do you cook?what can you cook.
  3. do you go on dates?
  4. do you wear make up.
  5. do you do the laundry without turning it all pink.
  6. do you wear high heels.
  7. can you read?
  8. do you sleep with stuffed animals or a stuffed animal?
  9. do you have a cell phone.
  10. can you sleep without a night lite.

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Quiz topic: How old am I really?