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  • Jersey born and raised but I think you kind of focused on North Jersey stereotypes. I'm from South/Central Jersey (depends on who you ask) and I missed a few questions. Good job on the Channel 12 question though :)


  • Hey I made this quiz and I want to clear something up about the question that asks if you think it's "joyzee". If you say yes to this question you get Jersey points DEDUCTED not added. Because no one (not even us in the north) call it that. Only stupid out-of-staters think we talk like that!

    Peter Principle
  • 55% Nj...Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I like the climate and the malls being on every corner, that's cool. But, the gay laws!!! No pumping your own gas. Total ban of fireworks! You can't just go to your local grocery store for beer! You have to go to a liquor store, which is forced to close at 10PM. Suppose your friends come over at 10:30PM and they want some beer but you're out. Your response: s---TT! You have to get a permit for an airgun... what are they going to do next? Force you to get a drinking license????? I mean, Jesus Christ!!! I like Pennsylvania better. Besides, It's nicer there.

    i like pie
  • Ok I was born and raised in New Jersey I was born in Patterson,i lived in Orange,East Orange, and Hackensack. So this test is for certain people. Not for the parts that i come from peace out and next time keep it real for all the people who live in all parts of New Jersey !

  • ive moved to west virginia when my ptoperty tax reached 31k a year and murphy was elected that was all the jersey i could handle i sold my 2 bedroom house on a quater acre of land and took the money from the sale and moved to west virginia only an hour from dont think im in the middle of nowhereand i bought a horse farm a 12 room colonial built in 2859 era 15 acres with a stanle and a big pond and has approx 140 k left oh my propertybtax is 800 dollars per year thers no creepy junkies casing my house and the chances of any of my vehicles being stolen are zero. oh 3 of my neighbors are from jersey i grew up in orange nj a great town now its a ghetto lived east paterson watched my neighbothood being flushed down rhe toilet new was a great place but decades of inept or corrupt politicians have milked it dry so i wish all of you good luck bill

    had it man
  • Taylor Ham is the BRAND name for the best pork roll. Shoo Bees name was derived from people in the Philly-Camden area taking the train down the shore and bringing their lunch in a shoe box.

  • I live in Northern NJ and I got a score of 86%, no one from Jersey says Joyzee, I remember Action Park and we always say go down the shore. While people who live down the shore already wont say that, I still enjoyed the test. It was all in fun, we know deep in our hearts we are all 100% New Jersey !!!!!

  • This is one heck of a idiotic quiz, I'm from England and have never been to America and yet I got 24% when I know A LOT about NJ because I'm addicted to Nick Jonas and he loves New Jersey meaning I know quite a bit comparason to this quiz!!!!!!

  • We, especially in North Jersey, are the original New Yorkers. And just like any New Yorker, you'll end up moving to Jersey anyway lol. If we're the fart of New York, New York as tests have stated are the herpes of the world.

  • only scored 82%....I didn't know where to find the dollar pizza; it's been more than twenty years since I've been to the boardwalk, and I don't watch the Sopranos..

    Anybo dy know this one: "I've been to lot's of places, seen pictures of the rest. But of all the places I have been to, I like Jersey best"

    This was fun....."ain't no Jersey strangers, just friemds we haven't met"

  • This quiz is awful. It's just about the part of Jersey that's by new york! What about central? It's nothing like it! There are things called woods in new Jersey! Not just high ways! u must not be a new jerseian. U obviously have only spent it in northern. Not all people say Jewsy btw! Ugh ur jsut as bad as everyone else! NEW JERSEY IS THE BEST EVER!

  • This quiz is obviously under the impression that the entire state of New Jersey is within a ten mile radius of NYC. I thought it was only people from other states that acted like this.

  • I have moved out of Jersey 7 years ago, and living in Virginia, and let me tell all of you guys, Jersey is the State. We might be called rude and loud, but atleast we are staight forward, if we don't like your ass, we let you know right off the bat. Come and live here in Virginia, and you'd know what I'm talking about. If not talking about people behind their back, and letting them know right up front how you feel is bad, then so be it, call me rude. From a Proud Jersey Girl ALWAYS!!!!

  • Monmouth-nope, I have lives at the shore all my life and we have always said "I live down the shore" when speaking to others and will say "going to the shore" or "going to the beach" interchangeably.

  • i used 2 live in jersey i was born there and lived there most of my life even when i moved 2 PA i was still in jersey more than PA now im all the way across the country in New Mexico it sux i miss jersey there was always sumthin 2 do there especially where i lived ghetto p-burg but still fun as s--- and i scored a 95% thank you

  • This is very North Jersey biased, with the exception of the "tram car" question. South Jersey is very different from North Jersey and isn't as well represented here, as usual.

  • It said 50% new jersey. Lol hubby I'm jersey born and raised and we dont speak with a new York accent. Or act like anyone from the show jersey shore. That show is bogus and offending.

  • I live in New Jersey but am only 31% new jersey. A lot of these questions seemed like they were for north jersey, or people who could afford to go to the beach based on my search of watch the tram car.

  • NORTH Jersey, not South Jersey.

    And therefore to hell with you. I worked in the secession movement in 1980, and I'd be delighted to get rid of everything north of Burlington County

  • You Are 0% New Jersey!

    You are definitely NOT New Jersey. In fact you are very far from it. You must not be from this state, or anywhere nearby. Why not stop by sometime and see what you're missing?

    Eh heh... yeah I ain't no "Joyzee" Shore freak or anythang like that. Y'all guys are so weird. xD

  • Is there anyone who seriously talks with a New Jersey accent? I've lived in NJ all of my life and have never heard a person ever talk like that. Unless they're stupid, or italian..

  • I lived Off of exit 63 my hole life. I know nothing different than new jersey. never want to leave. My home is here no matter how much money it is. Traffic is no big deal. thats why we got rolled down windows and radio.

  • First off for the first ghetto new yorker who posted a comment, people from belmar aren't weird, or probably just not used to seeing with people with money. And yes there is a lot of drug addicts but thats the whole state of new jersey. and Jersey Rocks, central nj is just confused because we are stuck in between the north and the south,

  • I go to New Jersey practically every day and I got 44% since these questions are mostly geared towards North Jersey I go to the smack middle of New Jersey a lot

  • 36%

    You've got a little Jersey in you. Not too bad, however you could have done a lot better. Based on this score, you may not actually be from New Jersey. You're missing out!

    Lolz am from Jersey but taking this quiz made me feel like am not. :3


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