How much you know ROBLOX?

Can you make it? I doubt..a few people had flunked as well. so i just hope your a very good swimmer. hehe.Just don't get the nieedle, maybe you'll make it.

People make it.. But can U? When the bomb comes down you better pick a wire, cause this quiz will be easy as eating giant waffles with some giant butter and syrup :)

Created by: Mayhem004
  1. Which of these people is NOT a Roblox Administrator?
  2. Which of these people are NOT Roblox moderators?
  3. Who is the person that made 1 Million Place visits?
  4. What game involves these people : Builderman,Telamon?
  5. What game involves Builders Club (If you looked carefully i gave you the answer from Question 4.)
  6. What badge do you get if you made over 20 friends?
  7. What badge do you get if you made 10 Victories in a battle?
  8. What badge do you get if you made 100 Victores in a battle?
  9. What badge do you get if you made 250 Victories in a battle?
  10. What badge do you get if you had 25 Places 35 Daily Robux Sell things Never see Outside ads Virtural Gear 100r$ signing bonus

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