What would be your highest Sims need bar right now?

With sims characters, you can easily tell what they need by reading six bars. In reality, it's not that easy. Every person is different, and so that makes everything harder.

This quiz is not an official tool, but a rough gauge of what your needs are compared to a Sim. Answer truthfully to get an honest result, please...

Created by: Nomnomnom

  1. Do you play the sims 3?
  2. Ok, so there are six needs bars: Bladder, Hygiene, Social, Fun, Hunger, and Sleep. You're gonna find out which of these describes you right now.
  3. What are your thoughts about this video? [no urls]?v=QO4kKhm55p4
  4. How would you like a waffle, coated in syrup, with a fresh glass of orange juice, right now?
  5. How would you feel if somebody invited you on a date right now?
  6. What if I gave you a sims 3 game right now?
  7. What if, right now, a warm, wet shower fell around you, washing away all of the dirt and germs in a cascade of comforting moisture?
  8. You're almost there...
  9. Just a little more...

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Quiz topic: What would be my highest Sims need bar right now?