Are YOU a ROBLOX Person?

There are thousands, millions, of ROBLOXians. Some of them were born to join, others were told to come. But not all ROBLOXians have good ROBLOX IQ. Sometimes they are just not enough.

So, do you know your ROBLOX IQ? Are you a ROBLOX moderator? Test your ROBLOX knowledge here. Prove the ROBLOX jerks that they are wrong! Let see how good you are!

Created by: Liam Callahan

  1. Who is your first friend when you sign up for ROBLOX?
  2. Which is the THIRD most popular place on ROBLOX?
  3. How many friends do you need to get the friendship badge?
  4. Which is NOT a ROBLOX moderator?
  5. Who made the Ultimate Paintball place?
  6. How many Posts were in the "General Discussion" Forum?
  7. How many tickets does the Kitty Ears cost?
  8. How many Silver ROBLOX Music Video Awards exist?
  9. What ROBLOX Game show was created?
  10. How much ROBUX does the Cyan Football Helmet cost?

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Quiz topic: Am I a ROBLOX Person?