How much of a Wiganer are you?

Wigan is loved by all who are from it. Famous for many things: rugby, footy, pies, lingo, friendliness.... All round northern charm... Oh and a pier and mr. formby.

Take the test and see if you could pass on the streets of Wigan as one of there own. ..Are you a true northern lad or lass....or an upper crust ass... find out now.

Created by: Chris

  1. Do you like black peas
  2. Wigan is traditionally a
  3. Lobbies is....
  4. George Formby played the
  5. Thup yonder means....
  6. Barm cake is a
  7. Pea wet is....
  8. Wigans beloved and famous sweet is
  9. Wiganers are referred to as..
  10. Chorving means...

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Quiz topic: How much of a Wiganer am I?