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This page is home for quizzes about Manchester, the city and metropolitan district in England. Manchester is a major industrial, cultural, and educational centre, and the third most-populated region of England. How well do you know Manchester?

Our Manchester Quizzes

  • How much of a Wiganer are you?
    [by: Chris, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Nov 20, 2013]

    Wigan is loved by all who are from it. Famous for many things: rugby, footy, pies, lingo, friendliness.... All round northern charm... Oh and a pier and mr.…

  • How Bury are You?
    [by: Bury Girl, rated: rated: 2.89/5, published: Nov 19, 2013]

    There are many northerners out there but there are only a few proper Buryites! Are you a Buryite? Do you know your tottington from your Brandlesholme? Your…

  • How Oldham are you?
    [by: Hard Graft Theatre Co., rated: rated: 2.88/5, published: Nov 12, 2013]

    What makes Oldham unique? Is it the landmarks, the food we eat, what we drink or the way we speak? We've picked our brains and come up with the incisive…

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