How Bury are You?

There are many northerners out there but there are only a few proper Buryites! Are you a Buryite? Do you know your tottington from your Brandlesholme? Your Chesham from your Walmersley?

Come and see if you know a muffin from a tea cake, a tram from a tube and a black pudding from a steak pudding. Good luck - may Lisa Riley be on your side!

Created by: Bury Girl
  1. Where were you born?
  2. Where did you go to school?
  3. What do you get from the Chippy?
  4. What is The Rock?
  5. What's a muffin?
  6. Where's the best place to live?
  7. What number bus takes you to the hospital?
  8. Sol/Viva was...?
  9. What was Ronnie known for?
  10. Black Pudding?
  11. Which inventor of the modern policing system stands outside Wyldes?
  12. What is the Metrolink
  13. What sits atop Holcombe Hill?

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Quiz topic: How Bury am I?