How Much Do You Know About Percy Jackson?

Not many people- ok ALOT of people like Percy Jackson, but I am thinking that VERY few come to If you are taking this quiz and YOU like Percy Jackson, I am probably wrong.Have Fun!

If YOU LOVE Percy Jackson, this quiz is right for you! Take this quiz to see if you could make it to Percy Jackson's top 10 list! You can also take this quiz to see if you are a TRUE Percy Jackson fan!

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  1. How did Percy Jackson meet Annabeth Chase?
  2. Who is Mr. D?
  3. Who is the leader of the Hermes cabin?
  4. Who is Aphrodite?
  5. Who was the enemy in the end of Book 1?
  6. Who was captured by the cyclopes in book 2?
  7. Who broke their ribs trying to save the captured person?
  8. In Book 3, which 2 new demigods do we meet?
  9. Who wants to become a Hunter of Artemis?
  10. In Book 4, who is Quintus?
  11. What does Quintus mean in Latin?
  12. Who is Daedalus's pet's name?
  13. In Book 5, what does Percy NOT want when Zeus gives him a wish?
  14. LAST QUESTION!!! What is the name of the son of Iris who takes Jason, Leo, and Piper away in the Lost Hero Book?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Percy Jackson?