Who is your PJ s worlds gf ?

Well , you must be a Percy Jackson fan . That's why you are here to try out our quiz ....... You want to know who is your ideal girlfriend from the world of Percy Jackson is .....

So are you ready to find the truth ??? Is Annabeth or Rachael your type ? Or is it Piper or Thalia ? Or do you have Reyna or Clarisse for you ?????? So what are we waiting for ?

Created by: Ujs 0007
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which is your favourite colour ?
  2. What is your eye colour ?
  3. What would you most desire?
  4. What would like to be known as?
  5. What would you least like?
  6. Which weapon do you like fighting with?
  7. You are in a maze and you are lost . You are standing at an intersection of six paths . Which path would you take ?
  8. There are six goblets placed before you . Which one would you rather drink from ?
  9. Which subject would you rather study ?
  10. Which is your type ?
  11. What do you think about this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Who is my PJ s worlds gf ?