How well do you know the Percy jackson books

This is about Percy Jackson and his friends Mainly on the books This is my first quiz, I really hope you like it. Are you a Percy jackson geek like me?

Harry Potter fan: I wanna go to Hogwarts!! Percy jackson fan: Camphalf blood here i come! Hunger games fan: i'm fine. But snow must die. Why finnick?

Created by: Lyric_MCR_girl

  1. Who is Percy's step dad
  2. In what book does Annabeth have to hold up the sky?
  3. what did nico do after what happened to bianca
  4. what was nico's secret that cupid had him tell jason
  5. what does percy think of annabeth when he first wakes up at camp
  6. Whens Jason's B-day
  7. what character sacrifies themselves to stop a titan
  8. Whats for breakfast
  9. How long were the Di Angelo's in the casino?
  10. *Based off the movie* What capture the flag team was percy on?
  11. How many schools have Piper been kicked out of?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Percy jackson books