How Well Do You Know Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson & The Olympians is an outstanding book series by the New York Times bestselling author Rick Riordan about a troubled teen named Percy Jackson who is about to discover his heritage as a demigod son of Poseidon.

This book is loved by many, but few are true, hard-core fans. Do you have what it takes to know all of my Percy Jackson trivia? Do you know what Percy's favorite color is? Do you know his two best friends? In just a few minutes you will find out just how much of a fan that you really are!

Created by: thebookcentral

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  1. Okay, let's start off easy. Who are Percy Jackson's two best friends?
  2. What is Percy's favorite color? Or at least, the one that him and his mom bond over. You know the one that I'm talking about, true Percy Jackson fans.
  3. Who is Percy's godly parent?
  4. What is the name of the place where Percy finds refuge against monsters?
  5. What cabin does Percy enter when he FIRST arrives at this place?
  6. Why doesn't Annabeth like Percy when she first meets him?
  7. Why is he being chased by monsters so much more than other demigods, anyway?
  8. Percy Jackson embarks on a quest in the first book. What is it and why?
  9. Who turns out to be a deadly backstabber that tries to kill Percy?
  10. Who ACTUALLY had the lightning bolt?
  11. Now, this is not just about the first book. This is about the whole series, so it's a hard one. Why did the person who had the lightning bolt go through all the trouble?

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