How much do you know about me?

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Hi this is a quiz to test how well you guys know me. The questions are perfectly normal and you can guess the answer if you know me well enough. This is just a quiz I randomly decided to do.

If you chat to me on the forums a lot you seriously have a really good chance of scoring higher than most people. Let the test of Knowledge begin now...

Created by: Devil Kid

  1. Am I a boy or a girl?
  2. Which one of these am I not a fan of?
  3. What is my spirit animal?
  4. What do I do if people annoy me irl?
  5. How serious am I?
  6. Which one of these is my favorite element?
  7. What eye color do I wish to have?
  8. Am I a free spirit?
  9. Which one of these is NOT my favorite song( listen to them first if you want, that’s not cheating it’s using your advantages )?
  10. What am I scared of the most?
  11. What thing do I want the most out of these?
  12. Who are my favorite YouTuber/s?
  13. Do I like Doritos?
  14. Which one of these do I have?
  15. Do I like cats or dogs?
  16. What is my real name?
  17. Which one of these is my favorite last name?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about me?

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