What Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) thinks of you! (RP)

This is a Role play (Rp) Game of what Sebastian's opinion is of you. You can either make his love you, or piss him off, and make him kill you. I don't know what you'll get.

I hope you enjoy the quiz. Please don't be offended with any of this, as it was only for fun. I hope you don't get offended. Just ask me if you want something else like this!

Created by: Ravenclaw4life

  1. Ciel has invited you to Phantomhive Manor! When you arrive, how do you greet Sebastian?
  2. Sebastian leads you inside, and shows you your room, then leaves. What do you do?
  3. (If you chose to explore) You leave your room and start walking down a dark hall. Your eye catches a dark door, and you enter that room. You look around and see dark walls, a neatly made bed, and a cat sleeping on the bed. What do you do?
  4. (If you chose to stay) You sit on your bed, opening a book and reading. Your read until supper time. Sebastian rings for supper and you go down. Where do you sit.
  5. (If you chose to go to the kitchen) You go to the kitchen, where Sebastian, Mey Rin, Bard, and Finn are preparing supper. Sebastian see's you, smiles, and says "Getting hungray?" Supper is almost done, but you can have a small something to hold you over. What would you like?"
  6. (Next day) Ciel thinks you might be asocciated with the next case and sends Sebastian to get information from you. Sebastian seduces you, and you...
  7. *has effect* How do you like your s*x?
  8. (week later) You have to leave in a few days. How do you plan on saying bye to everyone?
  9. It's time to leave, what do you say to Sebastian and the others.
  10. You go back home, and end up finding out you are pregnant from that night with Sebastian. Your parents aren't too happy, and kick you out. Do you go back?
  11. (If you chose to keep the baby) You take A carrige to Phantomhive Manor. You get out, trying not to hit your swollen belly. You knock and ask to see Sebastian. You tell him and he is Shocked and Happy. He kisses you, and tells you that you can stay with them. (After 9 agonizing months of pregnancy) Your kid is born! Is it a boy or girl?
  12. (If you chose to get an abortion) Sebastian found out about you getting an abortion and killed your entire family, exept you. He took you, and chained you up to starve you to death. He told you that it would be slow and painful, like the death of his child. Great choice >:/
  13. And das it.

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