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Hi I’m Sebastian Michaelis and I made this quiz for my Fellow Demons. I really wanted a picture for my quiz so I chose a picture of myself. Your name will be mentioned if you chat to me a lot.

And yeah I have nothing else to say but it requires like 150 words or something like that so I’m going to talk about Sebastian. He is the butler in Black Butler and his true form is a devil. And he will protect Ciel well until he eats his soul

Created by: DraconiteDragon

  1. First up is TheColdestSun/Road! You are my first friend on GTQ and a really nice person! Hope to see you soon!
  2. Next, Eggaly! You are super fun and always around! You are really good at Rp and you’re social
  3. SprinkledSpice you’re are kind and a brilliant role player! You are a great friend of mine even though when you wake up, I go to bed!
  4. And the next one is RainInTheShadows! I’m sorry that I annoyed you to pieces with my chattiness.Anyways you have a really unique personality!
  5. Dragonsfire! You are a calm and mature person and you always understand me ( thanks :). You seem to know a lot about GTQ. And thanks for chatting to me!
  6. Cuteboy123! A good friend and really nice person, although you are the opposite of me, you are still a friend and it is nice to see you.
  7. And Zilla although I did not chat with you for a long time, I can tell that you are an interesting person and I would like to make you a friend.
  8. ChameleonLeap! You’re humorous and nice too a really good friend! You are always kind to others no what. You are a good role model for everyone.
  9. And last of all, Keyboard. You are Eggaly’s cousin and I’m looking forward to chat to you in one of my threads!
  10. This is the end! I’m sorry if you are not in the quiz but try chatting to me and I might add you as a friend.

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