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  • "Naw, I brought up Shadow staying with us and just like that he disappeared."
  • Angel
    "They rode till he saw the town up ahead, "We'll get off here and hide the horses in the bush's.""
  • "I think I crossed a line with Brycen."
  • Lost Clouds
    "*waves at him from her cloud*"
  • Lost Clouds
    "*hangs out on cloud* Have fun."
  • Lost Clouds
    "Haha, your turn Brycen."
  • Lost Clouds
    "Wait, I have too. Fine. *noms disgusting people*"
  • Lost Clouds
    "Eww, no."
  • Lost Clouds
    "That was rude Brycen, that wasn't rude Derecho."
  • Dragon's Lair
    "I am blowing up Brycen's Quotev on purpose."
  • First one to post...
    "They know, I haven't used my other accounts in a while but they know. *heals Cinna*"
  • First to post...
  • First one to post...
    "*un-noms Cinna*"
  • First one to post...
    "Haha, I love how they don't know this is me."
  • First to post...
    "This is my second account, I am Angel. I made this thread and I can say what I want."

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