Which one of these people that I made up are you?

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Hi I’m Draco and this is a quiz I made about pretty characters I made up. There are six possible results ( three boys and three girls so it’s fair ).

So I hope you will like my quiz and yeah. Let’s talk about……… I don’t know. This is pure torture having a certain amount of words and yeah. Anyways I’ll stop being annoying and LETS GET ON WITH THE QUIZ!!!!

Created by: Devil Kid

  1. First of all, do you want it to be a boy or girl( I cannot guarantee you that you will get one )?
  2. Are you evil or nice or neutral?
  3. Describe yourself using one of these words.
  4. Are you popular?
  5. What is your flaw?
  6. Someone bullies you! What will you do?
  7. What’s your personality?
  8. Choose a hair color.
  9. Do you want it to have wings ( I cannot guarantee you that either )
  10. Pick an accessory.
  11. Pick a name.

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Quiz topic: Which one of these people that I made up am I?