how much do you know about cats?

there are many things about cats, if you wanna know about them, take this quiz! it even has stuff about the wild kinds of cats, like tigers and lions and other cats

do you want to know about different kinds of cats? if you do, take this quiz, you can probably learn about cats at this quiz, I hope you like cats, they are amazing creatures

Created by: dragon ember

  1. what is NOT apart of the cat family?
  2. what do cats do when they are falling?
  3. what type of cat has the M on their forehead?
  4. what kind of cat goes limp when it feels loved
  5. which cat has blueish fur?
  6. which kind of cat has stripes on its body and face and everything?
  7. which cat has a strange sounding meow?
  8. what do cats use for hunting or protecting themselfs?
  9. how do you know if a cat is scared?
  10. how do you know if a cat is happy?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cats?