How well do you know "Into The Wild"?

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So basically, this is a quiz to test your knowledge of the first Warriors book from the first series, The Prophecies Begin. I just created this with help form my own Into The Wild book.

I also really love the Warriors series. It's just so interesting seeing these feral cats, or kittypets interact. (Kittypets are house cats and feral cats are wild cats)

Created by: TheACE123
  1. What was Fireheart's kittypet name? (Kittypet = Domestic House Cat)
  2. Who did Rusty meet first?
  3. How many Clans are there? Name them.
  4. What were the original 3 Clans?
  5. Name the deputies in order.
  6. In the prologue, Spottedleaf (ThunderClan Medicine Cat) has a vision from StarClan. She then says something to Bluestar, the leader. What did she say?
  7. Who kills Spottedleaf?
  8. Where did Firepaw and Graypaw send Ravenpaw to?
  9. What is Leafbare?
  10. And last question, what is Rusty's apprentice name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "Into The Wild"?