How much do you know about Warriors, the original arc?

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Warriors is a series of books about cats who live in the wild. In the original arc, a kitty pet named Rusty comes to join the clans. Have you read the books? If you have, come test your knowledge in this quiz!

Have you ever wondered whether you know enough about Warriors? Worried that you don't? Do you want to know how much you know about Warriors the original arc? It's about time that you find! Take this quiz to see how much YOU know!

Created by: 26ld3

  1. What does Rusty's name become when he joins the clans?
  2. Who does Rusty immediately fall in love with when he joins the clans?
  3. Who is it that finds Rusty in the forest right before he joins the clans?
  4. Who is Rusty's best friend when he joins the clans?
  5. When Rusty finally becomes a warrior, what is his first mission?
  6. Who is the medicine cat when Rusty enters the clan?
  7. Which cats immediately become Rusty's enemies?
  8. What suffixe is added to the leaders name when they become leader?
  9. Which type of cats speak with their ansestors?
  10. What is the prophecy the medicine cat receives in the first book?
  11. What does Rusty's warrior name become?
  12. Who killed the medicine cat in a battle with Shadowclan?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Warriors, the original arc?