How Well Do You Know Big Cats?

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This Is A Quiz To See How Much You Know About Big Cats And Too Maybe Learn About Them. Most Of These Big Cats Are Endangered. I Think Big Cats Are Pretty Cool So Everyone Try To Help Them In Any Way You Can.

This Quiz Includes Lions, Tigers, Leopards, And Cheetahs. I Hope You Have Fun And/Or Learn Something. Everyone Have Fun And Enjoy Your Day. Remember Anything You Can Learn. Thanks!

Created by: ILoveCats

  1. Which Big Cat Can Purr?
  2. What Big Cat Has Stripes?
  3. Which Is NOT A Place Where You Can Find Leopards?
  4. Up To How Many Males Can Be Found In A Lion Pride?
  5. Which Big Cat Is The Largest?
  6. How Many Tiger Hunts Are Successful?
  7. What Is The Role Of A Lioness In A Pride?
  8. Which Big Cat Drags Their Prey Up Trees To Eat?
  9. Why Do Tigers Have Padded Feet?
  10. Which Is The Laziest Big Cat

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Big Cats?