How much do ya know about airplanes???

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. If your one of the few geniuses in airplanes and blah blah blah then congratulations! you ROCK! I meanI can't think of anyone else that can score a 100 on this test do you? If you do then tell us!

Are you a genious on airplanes? I bet not, bet then again maybe you are! you could be the envy of all you freinds with them going "I wish I was that smart...I think" well to test your smarts take this fun quiz!

Created by: SmartBoy6

  1. When was the Continental airplane built?
  2. In the Flight Simulator 2004 CD what did it say under the Title?
  3. The youngest male to be able to fly an airplane was __ years old.
  4. How many Flight Simulator CDs are there?
  5. The symbol AA stands for...
  6. How many fingers am I holding up?
  7. Did you answer C for the previous question?
  8. Well If you did then you got that question right!
  9. When was the first flight EVER!
  10. How many years have people been flying aiplanes?

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