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There are a lot of airplanes in this world and every country has at least one of them. Do you know their names? Some people may not know, but some do.

Which one are you? Do you know about airplanes or not? Dare to take this quiz and find out the result! I'd like to inform that this quiz is created based on internet's information.

Created by: Matmail

  1. Which of these people that doesn't contribute to the plane invention?
  2. How many failures did the Wright Brother have before achieving their first successful flight?
  3. Where did the Wright Brothers flew for their first time?
  4. What type of fuel powers the airplane?
  5. Why are cellphones not allowed to be turned on in airplanes, especially during take-offs and landing?
  6. When is it necessary to use the safety belt?
  7. Which of these reasons that isn't related towards smoking in airplane?
  8. Why do planes open their brakers in landings?
  9. Who won the Sky Trax "World's Best Airline 2014" award?
  10. Who won the "Best Skytrax World Airline 2016" award?
  11. Which of these airlines that has been shut down due to bankruptcy?
  12. Which of these airports in Japan that bases in Kyoto?
  13. Which of these airlines that has been merged into another airline?
  14. Who enacts "Federal Aviation Act of 1958"?
  15. Which of these isn't true about the cockpit voice recorder?
  16. What air-breathing plane holds the record for the highest speed?
  17. How high is the world record for the highest air-breathing airplane altitude?

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