what paper airplane are you

i do not have much to say so i will say a bunch of random stuff pancakes is yummy and i lost 8 teeth also i like pro wrestling and i am very smart this is cool

what airplane from The Airplane Book are you there are over 120 in the book so i can only put some in the results some have twin boosters some have missiles one even has a laser gun and laser boosters

Created by: Cloud_Wing
  1. how fast are you
  2. can you jump high
  3. what trick you do
  4. are you more
  5. did you like this quiz (does count)
  6. are you
  7. boy or girl
  8. do you like the airplane book by Rylee
  9. do you like war
  10. are you ready (yes this counts)
  11. will you comment
  12. dont post mean stuff if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all

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Quiz topic: What paper airplane am I