Rock, Paper, Scissors!

My quiz is not like normal quizes. It is a game and a quiz all mashed together. If you think you can beat me, take a shot! (If you dare...)I give you Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Do you think you are good enough? In a few minutes you will find out. This quiz is not your regular Rock, paper, scissors. It is a whole new experience!

Created by: unknownpony

  1. Rock, paper, scissors...
  2. Now I'm gonna change it up a bit. Mouse, Tiger, Elephant...
  3. Did you get how that last one worked? Answer honestly.
  4. Rock Paper SCISSORS!
  5. Rock! Paper! Scissors!
  6. Mole rat, Nachos, Cheese-intolerant guy!
  7. Did you get that one? Answer honestly!
  8. Do you like Rock, paper, scissors?
  9. Which one did you like best?
  12. Which one am I thinking of right now?
  13. Which was your favorite?(doesn't affect score)
  14. Did you like this?

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