How Much Alcohol Can You Handle?

There is so many people out there that drink! Some can handle it and some cannot. But if your the one who thinks they can handle their alcohol try this quiz and see if you really can.

Put down that beer or whatever your drinking its time to see how much liqour you can handle. or are you one of those that just throws it up everytime you chug it down. Only 1 way to find out. try this quiz and see

Created by: nichole
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  1. When your at a bar whats the first drink that you order
  2. your a at kicking party . There are tons of keg stands, jello shooters, shots, mixed drinks, sodas, wine, beer, and liqour, which drink do you go to first?
  3. you had a wild night and you have a HORRIBLE HANG OVER! This morning. what do you do.
  4. you were invited to a party they ask you to bring some drinks, so you go to the store. which store do you go to .
  5. your at a friends house drinking. Cops pull up and catch yall all drinking. But theres some underage kids there. the cop tells you to come on with me. what do you say
  6. its saturday night and there are tons of partying going on. which one are you going to?
  7. Your bored as hell and your home by yourself. what do you do.
  8. what is the most important thing about drinking.
  9. when do you drink
  10. when your drinking people classify you as

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Quiz topic: How Much Alcohol can I Handle?