Alcohol: What have you learned?

Drinking alcohol in excess can lead to many negative consequnces. These can be avoided by practicing safe drinking, and knowing your limits. Work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle!

Take the quiz to see what you've learned about alcohol both through the website and through the links provided. Take your time and read the answers carefully, sometimes reading all of the options is more important than quickly finding an answer.

Created by: Stasia
  1. Safe behaviors when drinking DO NOT include:
  2. Goals set by PSU to decrease the negative side effects of drinking include:
  3. Serious consequences from drinking and going out include everything EXCEPT:
  4. Tips on how to avoid legal trouble include everything EXCEPT:
  5. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of alcohol poisoning include:
  6. Drinking can result in negative behaviors including:
  7. The College Student Alcohol Safety website has tips on how to drink safely, including:
  8. According to the UHS "How to Help a Friend" paper, basic warning signs include:
  9. The Pennsylvania DUI penalties state:
  10. On the Alcohol Problems and Solutions webpage, there is a "Facts & Fiction" section, which of the following are fiction?

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