Tobacco: What have you learned?

Tobacco and smoking have been well-document and taught subjects in students' lives. What they know might not be as much as they thought they did. Learn what PSU has to offer.

The goal of this quiz is to test what you've learned from the website, take it before you've perused the website, and then again after. Learning is never a bad thing

Created by: Stasia Roberts

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  1. Some of the objectives set forth in the Healthy Penn State Initiative include:
  2. Phone numbers for resources for quitting tobacco included:
  3. The "Quit and Win Challenge" is available to BOTH PSU Students and Faculty
  4. In the "Tough Love" video, they say that if you don't smoke you might:
  5. The mission statement of Project SmokeLess is to reduce smoking and improve the health of Penn State Students.
  6. On the 97 Reasons to Quit website, reasons included everything except:
  7. The UHS 10 Tips for Quitting include everything EXCEPT:
  8. The 10 Overlooked Reasons to Quit inlcude everything EXCEPT:
  9. Some strategies developed in the HPS Initiative to reduce smoking include:
  10. According to the Big 10 Smoking Comparison, which 3 schools are in the process of a campus wide smoking ban:

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