Which Fire Related Power Do You Wield?

Everyone can develop a fire power. It just takes time. Now, if you were to develop yours, what type would it be? Could it be smoke, volcano bending, heat, spark, or even ash?

[b] Now that you know that you have what it takes to wield one of these majestic powers, it's time to figure out which one is yours! In this quick quiz, you will learn a whole new section of yourself! [/b]

Created by: Saratheamaze

  1. First question. Would you consider yourself athletic?
  2. Are you more vengeful, or jealous?
  3. Do you have a quick to react temper?
  4. Are you a leader, or follower?
  5. Do you fear much?
  6. Are you loyal and have peak instincts?
  7. Are you sly?
  8. Which of the below is your greatest problem?
  9. Are you patient?
  10. Are you liberal and justified?
  11. Truth or dare?
  12. Which is correct? Left or right? Hint: I'm RIGHT Handed.

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Quiz topic: Which Fire Related Power do I Wield?