what is your power

choosing your element can help alot.An element is a power such as fire and ice.Some elements can help eachother like darkness and light.Yet some are not good combinations like fire and ice.

Are you fire?You can answer that if you are angry yet fire is for any one you can even be ice,darkness,light,dragon.There are many more elements but in this quiz i only made a few.

Created by: awsome6150
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  1. do you get angry easily
  2. if you were a mythical creature what would you be
  3. if you had a weapon what would it be?
  4. what would your name be
  5. what type of team are you
  6. how much do you train
  7. if you could choose one out of three things what would it be
  8. if you could do anything right now what would it be
  9. what is your main emotion
  10. what would u do

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Quiz topic: What is my power