How much of a Power Rangers fiend are/were you?

Power Rangers is one of the most famous and well known children shows in the world. It is a strong part of my childhood and maybe your's also. Let's see.

Do you know about the almighty Power Rangers? If you think you do take this test and find out how much you really know about one of the most watched shows across the globe.

Created by: randy savage
  1. Which of these is an actual Power Rangers series?
  2. Who is the keeper of the Power Rangers?
  3. Who was the original Red Ranger?
  4. Who were the original Power Rangers?
  5. Which of these five were never a Red Ranger?
  6. What were the first 5 series in order?
  7. Who plays Tommy in all the Power Ranger series he appears in?
  8. What series did Tommy not appear in?
  9. Which of these were a main antagonist in the Power Ranger series?
  10. Which of these series did not have their own theatrical movie?
  11. In which series does Zordon die?
  12. What is the large-scaled "robot" the Power Rangers use for large battles called?
  13. What is Ransik's daughter's name in Power Rangers: Time Force?
  14. How many different Power Ranger series are there?
  15. Who is the most prolific character in the Power Ranger series?
  16. In Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, who is the Magna Defender?
  17. Which Power Ranger is the designated leader of the group?
  18. Who were the two longest appearing characters in the program?
  19. What is the newest Power Ranger series called? (2011)
  20. What is the only Power Ranger series theme song to not have the word "go" in the lyrics?
  21. Which Power Rangers series came first?
  22. What ranger was Tommy first?

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