How much of a 90s kid are you

There were many people born in the 90s, but few are true 90s kids. What is a 90s kid? It's any person who remembers Pogs, and the original Power Rangers. They also know the true meaning of " da bomb".

Are YOU a 90s kid? Do you remember the Spice Girls and Lambchops. Did you read Goosebumps. Were you alive when the furbies toys were invented. Do you want to take a trip down memory lane. Well, take this quiz. Find out if you remember enough to be considered a 90s kid.

Created by: daneyl
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  1. Do you remember the original Simpsons tv show?
  2. who sings this song: ice ice baby
  3. Who were the mice from animaniacs
  4. Did you ever played Oregon Trail game on the computer at school?
  5. Was "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego" a tv show or a game?
  6. Who was Kimberly going to marry?
  7. Which following tv shows was aired on PBS in the 90s?
  8. Did you own any Lisa Franks stuff?
  9. Did you remember when Furbies first came out?
  10. What tv show was this song on? It's the song that never ends....
  11. Who sang this song? "If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends..."
  12. Okay, last question, what is a walkman?

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Quiz topic: How much of a 90s kid am I