How well do you know 90's kids tv shows? (uk)

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How well do you remember the 90's kids shows? You will probably have to be born around 1990 - 94 to understand this quiz, but if you weren't born then, you can still take it. You might still know some of these.

This quiz is just for fun and maybe it'll remind you of shows you had forgotten! And you can see how much you remember/got right at the end. Not all these shows are from the 90's, some might be from the early 00's aswell.

Created by: chocolatefrog
  1. Do you know who Poppy, Peggy and Why are?
  2. ________'s Wish Wellingtons
  3. What colour are his wish wellingtons?
  4. Did you watch The Wild Thornberries?
  5. Whats the monkey called in The Wild Thornberries?
  6. Did you see the Spider in the Bath cartoon?
  7. Which Teletubby has an antenna like this ~?
  8. Did you watch Wizadora?
  9. Words and _____?
  10. Did you watch Storytime?
  11. Who owns the Merry-go-round on Playdays?
  12. Do you know what Slow Norris is?
  13. What is Pingu's best friend?
  14. Who is called Pinga?
  15. Who's the annoying, bossy one in the Rugrats?
  16. Where do Rosie & Jim live?
  17. Did you watch Noddy?
  18. Did you watch Watch?
  19. Who says "Pippin, it's time to fly!"?
  20. What colour is her plane?
  21. Did you watch the program with the cartoon skeletons? (I loved that)
  22. Did you watch Postman Pat?
  23. What animal is Spot?
  24. What is this song from ? "numbers numbers all around, numbers all around"
  25. Did you watch Fireman Sam?
  26. Does Pocket Dragons sound familiar?
  27. What is the scary/weird talking head statue thing from?
  28. Who lives in Alphabet Castle?
  29. Do you know what The Riddlers is?
  30. On Zzap, who is the first person in the window thing?
  31. What food does Badger like from Bodger & Badger?
  32. What animal do the the tots have in Tots Tv?
  33. Where do The Snorks live?
  34. Did you watch Goosebumps?
  35. What is magic about The Magic Grandad?
  36. Where did the Fairly Odd Parents live?
  37. Who is Arthur's sister?
  38. Did you watch Live & Kicking?
  39. Did you watch Sesame Street?
  40. What do the aliens turn into on Evolution when they have been attacked?
  41. Who's The Vampire? (easy)
  42. Who presented Get your Own Back?
  43. What always happened when on 50/50 when the two schools had to answer questions?
  44. What does U.B.O.S stand for?
  45. Polkadot's ?
  46. What colour was Mopatop from Mopatop's Shop? (main colour)
  47. Who is Woody Woodpecker's sister?
  48. Who froze in an Ice Block?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 90's kids tv shows? (uk)