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Many people think they know about alcohol and all the effects that it has on you and your body. Alcohol is a very serious drug and many people dont know all the facts.

Do you know about alcohol? Do you know what effects it has on you body? Until now all you could do is say yes and spit out a few facts you found online to your friends. In just a few moments you will find out if you REALLY know!

Created by: Yolanda
  1. What does the use of alcohol affect?
  2. On average, at what age do kids have their first drink?
  3. On average, how quickly does the body process and break down one unit of alcohol?
  4. Which of the following can be factors in a hangover headache?
  5. Drinking to much alcohol may increase the likelihood of which of these diseases?
  6. Which is NOT a way that parents can teach their children not to use alcohol?
  7. The use of aspirin does not increase intoxication
  8. Consequences of teen drinkig may include:
  9. Drinking coffee or taking a cold shower will sober you up.
  10. what type of people should not drunk alcohol?

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