Are you an alcoholic?

There are many people who enjoy to drink alcohol, and many alcoholics. What is an alcoholic? In what quantity do you need to consume alcohol to be regarded as one? Many people think that the amount of alcohol they consume is perfectly ok, but is it?

Are you worried that you could be an alcoholic? Do you drink too much? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!" Are you destined for a life of drunken antics? Are you completely tee-total and need to get out more? This quiz could be seen as a guide to get you back on the track of life, you may not know that you have strayed off it!!!

Created by: Chris
  1. How many times in a week do you drink alcohol?
  2. How many drinks will you have on a typical night out?
  3. Your friends have a big night out planned but your up early for work the next day.Do you...
  4. Have you ever drank alcohol first thing in the morning?
  5. Do you get so drunk you can't remember the night before?
  6. Have you ever woken up somewhere and not had a clue how you got there?
  7. Have you ever thrown up somewhere other than the bathroom due to alcohol?
  8. Have you ever been violent towards anyone due to alcohol?
  9. Have you ever had to go to hospital due to alcohol?
  10. How many hangovers have you had in the last year?

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Quiz topic: Am I an alcoholic?