The "How Do I Tell if I'm an Alcoholic?" Test

How does one know when they have reached the true gates of alcoholisim? Alcoholics are everywhere. We make up the sticky stuff that holds this world together. We are the ones with the greatest stories of all time that have the punch line of, "and that was the second time I woke up with a sore ass after a 3 day bender!"

Are YOU an alcoholic, a drunk, wino, or whatever you want to call it? We will see in just ten short questions that will judge your past drinking history and a few other areas or your life.

Created by: Ben

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  1. How many days in the week do you consider yourself to be intoxicated?
  2. How amny failed marraiges do you have as a result of your drinking?
  3. Are you drunk right now?
  4. If you and I went camping, and you woke up one morning covered in KY and your ass hurt, would you tell anyone?
  5. Would you like to go camping?
  6. Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out and pissed on your date?
  7. Have you ever woken up to find out your date was so drunk that she pissed on you?
  8. Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out with your pants around your ankles in your best friends mom's flowers?
  9. Have you ever been so drunk that you had to do the walk of shame from a Mexican jail after a 5 day drinking bienge?
  10. Do you go to AA meetings?

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