What Alcohol Are You?

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INTRODUCING the new What Alcohol Are You? quiz! Fun and quirky, this test is sure to make you want to head to the nearest club or try it on a friend! GET QUIZZY NOW!

Created by: amazon
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  1. You are about to go nightclubbing with a friend and she wants to know which one of you will not drink. What do you say?
  2. You are having a dinner party with your parents and their friends. The host asks you what you want to drink. What do you say?
  3. A few friends pop in unexpectedly, and ask for a drink. You know they have to drive home again. What do you give them?
  4. You are planning a night in with a few movies. You're out buying the snacks and need to pick a drink. You choose:
  5. You get promoted to Manager! To celebrate, you:
  6. You've just won a dream holiday for seven people, seven days! You are in charge of buying the drinks and your budget is $300. How much alcohol do you buy?
  7. Your dogs girlfriend just died. All it does is mope around the house. You decide to try feeding it:
  8. A WAR IS IN YOUR COUNTRY! YOU HAVE TO EVACUATE! You bribe a guard to let you smuggle in a drink. What is it?
  9. You have gone crazy and need a bottle of drink to help start a fire. You search your bag for what you brought with you.
  10. Your slaves aren't working fast enough! You give them:

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