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  • Firstly, right off the bat, you can't spell and your grammar is terrible. That tells me either you didn't go to school, or you made this quiz while drunk, or both. Either way, you can toss this quiz out as not even producing correct results.

    Secondly, the 2nd and 3rd comments are what most educated people call raging/hating. Not quite sure what misskiss was talking about (you should grant yourself capital letters though), but Ellis Redding and getalifeLOSER seem to not really know what they are talking about, no offense.

  • Misskiss you are stupid, you can easily not drive, not get alcohol poisoning, not get a headache, and not have liver failure. The amount of brain cells you lose isn't that many at all and you just think drinking isn't cool cause you have no one to drink with cause you're a loser or you're just plain scared s---less to get drunk.

    Ellis Redding
  • misskiss, all u guys guess cant drink but i am a pro drinker XD LIKE ED SHEERAN!


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