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  • Hats Off to you too XD

  • i got hangin' around

    The best tomboy
  • I got loyal employee. Hilarious but not something I'd ever do :D

    Cate Palantir
  • I had to read all of these. xD I'm not as stupid as any of the people on 1000 ways to die, which I'm guessing this is where you got this from. If not, you have quite the imagination. Maybe I'll make a quiz like this. :)

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  • I got the same one as dannylover XD. Would you like to fall to your death with me, Danny? :P.

  • How Hilariously Random Will Your Death Be?
    Your Result: Loyal Employee

    You havent heard of true devotion until you read this story. If you are looking for loyalty and enthusiasm, a future you is the perfect example. I am sure you are imagining that you are going to be a soldier or a firefighter, a job that causes you to lose your life on the job. Well, no. This person (you) is a glass window salesman/woman. In order to conclude a sale, you wanted to prove for your clients that the glass you are selling can sustain any force, so you ran towards the window and jumped on it, shoulder first. The outcome wasnt at all what you expected as the glass shattered and you found yourself out of the window and racing towards the pavement. Needless to say that you werent on ground floor, you were on the 21st story. You had literally 21 flights to think: Oh well, it seems I was selling cheap stuff.

    Hats Off
    Hanging Around
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    Lets play fetch?
    Which way should I go?

  • O.O

  • Hope you guys like this short quiz of randomness, you may go back and pick another to read of other hilarious deaths



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