How gullible are you?

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There is a unnervingly increasing number of trolls appearing throughout the globe. These trolls are natural tricksters who spend their time trying to making you look stupid.

This test will evaluate your weakness to troll attacks. This test will help you better judge how to deal with the growing army of trolls out there

Created by: Al Mond
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  1. Your friend tells you there is free candy in the cafeteria
  2. You get a note from your "secret admirer"
  3. Your friend asks you to watch his wallet.
  4. Your troll friend tells you the answer to question #3. You are stuck on that problem and time is running out.
  5. You find a dollar on the floor
  6. Your sibling left their snack unguarded in the dining room!
  7. You missed school yesterday, and your friend catches you up
  8. Friend needs $50 for their dog's operation!
  9. Friend needs your help on homework
  10. Did you think this test was accurate?

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Quiz topic: How gullible am I?