how good are you at partying

omg hi how are you ive seen you your great you rock happy birthday merry christmas happy thanksgiving by farewell audios amigo you rock so long people

happy birthday buddy your so awesome thats why i wrote this super amazing poem about people everywhere so youve been great throughout the year so you rock

Created by: zachary
  1. If a hot girls/guys are dancing do you dance with her
  2. Are you a good dancer
  3. will you converse with people and if what will you talk about
  4. are you cool
  5. are you funny
  6. are you shy would you go into the middle of the dance and start dancing with everybody lookin
  7. you go to the bathroom in your pants what do you do
  8. somebody gets injured and goes to the emrgency room what do you do
  9. if you got hurt what would you do
  10. someone tells a funnier joke than you what do you do

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Quiz topic: How good am I at partying