How likely is your chance of ending up a vegetable?

When you're out partying, you might drink too much and pass out and fall off of a balcony and brake your spine. you might get that tackle and then find someones cleated foot in your back, ripping out your spines. Or you could be an average vegetable-free Joe. Let's find out!

Now, STOP YOUR DRINKING AND QUIT TALKING ON THE PHONE! I need your attention in order to know if your final destiny is being a vegetable. Im looking deeply into your eyes. You're getting sleepy. No, answer these questions to find out what the possibility is.

Created by: Adam Gallup
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  1. When you party, how much do you drink? (I'm talking longneck beers)
  2. When you drive, do you talk on the phone at the same time? Is it a bluetooth type phone?
  3. Which sport do you play the most?
  4. Do you ever tick people off enough that they would want to hit you with something heavy? A baseball bat, fists, your TV, maybe a brick?
  5. When you go down the stairs, how do you do it?
  6. How tall are you? Just answer the question, don't ask why.
  7. Where do you work? Go to school? (If both, just pick one or the other)
  8. What is your health insurance?
  9. What kind of a car do you drive?
  10. What would you rather eat/drink?
  11. What kind of animal would you like to have in your house?
  12. Would you rather...
  13. Have you had any broken bones or internal bleeding or concussions?
  14. Are you clumsy or kinda dumb?
  15. Which of the following do you like better?
  16. When i say, "Boxcar" what is the first thing you think of?

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Quiz topic: How likely is my chance of ending up a vegetable?