How Forest are you?

Do you know where the Royal Forest of Dean is? Is there anymore to the area than coal, sheep and trees? Take this quiz to find out how Forest you are!

Foresters who are over 18 can graze sheep in the Forest in accordance with an agreement between the Forestry Commission and the Commoners Association. Find out if you are entitled.

Created by: Cervus85

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  1. What does Granny Kear say?
  2. Someone you know stops you in the street and asks " how be me ol butt" What are they saying?
  3. Where is the Forest of Dean?
  4. Why would you go to the Dilke?
  5. How would you get from Lydney to Parkend after 6pm on a week night.
  6. To be a real forester you must ....
  7. How many sheep do you own?
  8. What do you do with you unwanted household items?
  9. When did you last walk in the forest?
  10. If you wanted to go shopping where would you go?

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Quiz topic: How Forest am I?