How Felixstowe are you?

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As there are so many quizzes out there now about 'How...are you' we thought it was time to find the true Felixstowe people from the sneaky impersonators!

Are you a real Felixstowe person? Can you answer ten simple questions to prove that the 'Felixstowe' stamp on your passport is valid? Time to face the test!

Created by: Felixstowe Town of Felixstowe
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  1. Have you ever had a dog roll?
  2. Does 'going to town' mean going to
  3. If you went to 'The Palace' would you expect to see
  4. Where would you go for a great night out in the 70's?
  5. What would you expect to dodge in Hamilton Road?
  6. Which sport took place at the end of every week at the old pier pavillion?
  7. How many of your relatives live within 2 miles of you?
  8. Have you ever had a boxing day walk along the prom?
  9. What percentage of your conversation is about the weather?
  10. Have you ever bought your shopping and wondered this while in the queue:

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Quiz topic: How Felixstowe am I?