How Japanese are you?

Some people think they really know Japan. They think they know what sushi is, and what a kimono looks like, and therefore they know Japan. Some quizzes reflect this. This is not one of those quizzes.

Now's your time to see what you REALLY know about the country. Do you know as much as you think you know? Or is it time to get a reality check? Find out here!

Created by: Ganbatte123
  1. Ok, first, some simple stuff. What is a koatsu?
  2. What is ramune?
  3. Here's a tricky one-How is ramune pronounced?
  4. What does oni mean in English?
  5. Translate these Japanese words in the right order. Toro, Tako, Neko, Tori, Sayonara, Desu, Kawaii, ÅŒkami
  6. Which is a J-Pop artist?
  7. True or false: Anime is Japanese animation, and Manga is Japanese comic. (More or less.)
  8. True or false, you will largely find Anime is based on some sort of Manga.
  9. True or False, the Japanese flag has red, blue, black, and white on it.
  10. True or False, Japanese wear shoes indoors.
  11. True or False, Japan has different looking outlets than us, and usually cannot play American DVDs on their DVD players. Conversely, we can't play their DVDs either.
  12. Which type of sushi is considered a Maki roll?
  13. ~One of these things is not like the other~
  14. Which of these characters is Hirigana?
  15. Finally, if my name was Mary Smith, would I say my name Smith Mary, or as it is?

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Quiz topic: How Japanese am I?