BETM facts and trivia quiz

How good is your knowledge on Billy Elliot the Musical? You will find out by answering the questions of this EASY quiz. (the answers are valid as of 22 November 2013)

Beware however - you will not score high if you haven't actually watched it at Victoria Palace Theatre in London (I cannot guarantee the questions are 100% valid for the Broadway and other versions of it.)

Created by: Pargeo

  1. Red coat
  2. Loo Love Object
  3. Forgot to bring her shoes
  4. George's lucky number
  5. Mrs Wilkinson is a right...
  6. Emancipation of...
  7. Lost his comb
  8. A band - both in the film and the musical
  9. Spastic Starfish
  10. Normally plays the audition chair
  11. Normally plays the audio technician
  12. Normally plays the Clipboard Lady
  13. Was crap at ballet
  14. Tall boy's first name
  15. Gillian Bevan was ripping him off
  16. Normally plays Small Boy's dad
  17. Used to play the clipboard lady in 2012-2013
  18. Name of the ballet movement Billy does which makes even Mr Braithwaite do baskets of pansies.
  19. Grandma's first name
  20. Used to play audio technician in 2011-2013

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