How Well Do You Know Your Animals?

There are many animals in the world and each is unique. There are so many facts about the animals out there. Not many people know a lot of the 'surprising' facts out there.

But, perhaps *you* know them. Perhaps you consider yourself an animal expert in animal trivia and facts. Come on, test your intellect. Are you an animal expert?

Created by: HJ
  1. Whales are:
  2. Birds have one feature that is different than all the other animals. That feature is:
  3. Which animal is the only animal that drinks milk after babyhood?
  4. What animal has the second-longest period of staying with their parents?
  5. Animals can use technology. Truth or false?
  6. Which two mammals lay eggs?
  7. Which animal is native to Madagascar?
  8. Which animal is the only member of the feline family that lives together with its own kind?
  9. Black panthers are leopards. True or false?
  10. Are pandas raccoons or bears?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Animals?