The Around the World Animal Safari Quiz!

This is the Safari Quiz, one of hopefully many. At the end, you will have a result. This result I will not tell you what they are to leave it a surprise. I hope you enjoy the trip around the world.

This trip features Africa, America, India, China, South America, and Australia. It doesn't include any aquatic animals, fantasy animals, air animals or any others like that. Only land animals on this safari. I hope you enjoy your trip!

Created by: Saratheamaze

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  1. Hello, welcome to the Around The World Safari, the first quiz in my series of Safaris, and I am Saratheamze, I am your tour guide today. Call me Sara or Ari.
  2. Now, what's a name you would like? (Instead of what's your name.)
  3. Okay, now onto the tour. We will start in South America. Here, we are in the rain forest in Brazil. Here, is my majestic jaguar friend here, the queen of this jungle, Queen Rayne.
  4. Next, in our wild jungle frenzy, is the monkey of the jungle, Jake the Chimpanzee! He will sit on your arm if you want.
  5. Oh, no, it's starting to rain. We'd better get off to our next stop.
  6. Welcome to the African Savannah! Here is my good Zebra friend, Ataloupe! He stripes may seem to be exactly the same to the rest of the herd, but they actually all differ.
  7. Next, you will see a herd of lions and lionesses. These are the Northern Pride.
  8. -whistles- They is Kayko, the king of this pride. He has one wife, Cleopatra, see her? You can pet them if you want.
  9. Aw, sorry, they gotta go, it's dinner time for them! Let's go see what that herd of gazelle is doing!
  10. Oh hey, it's my friend Andi's herd. Hey, boy! You can ride him, if you want, he says.
  11. Okay, the sun is starting to set, so we'd better hurry up and get to Australia!
  12. Here we are! Let's start with my not-exactly cuddly Koala, Grumpy! We named him because of that facial expression right there..I assure you he's safe to pet..NO! Don't bite me!
  13. Anyways, let's go see my less aggressive kangaroo friend, Beat! He likes to dance to dubstep and other types of dance music!
  14. Okay, we'd better get going from Australia. By the way, this quiz will only feature land animals, not fantasy, aquatic, or birds. The next ones in the series will, though.
  15. Okay, next to China and India. First, China. With the all famous Panda, we have my friend Miku here!
  16. Next is my alligator friend, Ace! He is one of the fiercest, wildest animals here!
  17. And, we are in India. Here is my tiger friend here, Ice! He is a white tiger, and endangered, as you know.
  18. Next, is our final stop. America. Here is one of my best friends, the Northern Timber Wolf, Frank.
  19. And here, in these highlands, is my alpaca friend, George!
  20. And my wild paint horse friend, Rayne. She is also my horse.
  21. Sorry, but this is the end. Bye!

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